Purchase Process

The first step in purchasing your new home in Spring Valley Lane is to make a reservation on the lot of your choice. A reservation is a verbal agreement with Legend Developments stating your interest in moving forward. The reservation is held for 48 hours. Once the 48 hours has passed you must either let the reservation go or put the lot on hold.

The second step in purchasing process is to put the lot on hold. The hold will require to you put a refundable deposit of $25,000 down. This hold is in place until you have moved through the design process to your satisfaction.

The third step in purchasing your new home in Spring Valley Lane is the design process. You will meet with the builder to discuss your plans for your dream home. We have an "in house" interior designer who will be available to assist you in the process.

The fourth step in the process is the purchase agreement and project management agreement. At this stage we will transfer title of the lot to you and then proceed to the building stage.

Legend Developments does not finance the building of their homes. The payment process is done on either a cash basis or a draw mortgage. You should discuss the best method with your banker or mortgage broker. You will be invoiced monthly based on the work completed that month.

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